The Bailey Co. Story



Spencer Bailey, Founder:

Bailey Co. started the way most start-ups do. With sweat stains. I was sick of wearing my backpack when cycling to work - not only because of the giant sweat stain on my back - but also because I found my backpack too casual for the office environment in which I worked.

I was shocked to find there was barely anything in the market that could mount to a rear bike rack but was also fashion-forward and practical. The options were certainly functional, but so overloaded with straps, waterproofing and reflective strips, it didn't really seem suitable for the environment, and most were generally too expensive. 

I went out and bought a more stylish backpack, cut off the straps, bought a couple parts and rigged up my first pannier. I rode with it everywhere and quickly loved just how good it looked on my bike.

I set out to make something that was not necessarily for the road-warrior cyclist who braves snow and rain, but was really for those who prefer a simple two-pocket backpack, that could sit on your bike or your back. So many people rode their bikes with backpacks - how can I convince them that a pannier/backpack is such a more wonderful option?

What followed was a year of designing a rapidly convertible pannier-backpack and a unique mounting mechanism, and building out the team with immensely talented creative individuals and valuable consultants.

This year we launched the Richmond - the first of hopefully many new styles of fashion forward, functional, and simple panniers that should bring back the joy of riding a bike - and looking good while you do it.

Spencer Bailey